The Team

The WildGats are University of Arizona students with a variety of backgrounds who have one major thing in common: they are committed to improving their shooting skills through regular training and personal responsibility. With the same dedication we apply to our studies, we work on the fundamentals of marksmanship, seeking new ways to gain more accuracy, speed, and consistency. 

President: Nickolas Gawlik 

Nick guides the team through leadership, recruits new athletes, and facilitates sponsorships.

Treasurer: Maxx Bizjak

Maxx handles team finances, implements annual budgeting, and coordinates team fundraisers. Maxx loves long walks on the beach and discussing hair products.

Secretary: Jake Bedlington


Jake conducts administrative aspects through team correspondence, organizing and overseeing team building activities, as well as generating and editing meeting minutes.

Head Coach: Bill Perkins

Bill is a highly experienced and committed coach. As the founder of the WildGats, Bill passes on his passion for competitive shooting and personal ownership through his educational and engaging coaching style.

Academic Wizard: Collin Rogow

Collin is the team's University of Arizona liaison. He ensures academic related protocol and procedures are maintained by the team. He is also an assistant coach on the team.

Assistant Coach: Kyle Patterson

Kyle is a former WildGats President and SASP National champion. He helps with coaching and administration.

Director of Visual Media:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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